Winners here get a ticket to WTT's. Looking at the brackets they had a pretty solid turn out in terms of quality guys this year.

55 KG: Daniel Dennis def Ryak Finch 0-6/3-3/2-0
60 KG: Tyler Graff def BJ Futrell 1-3/3-0/6-0
66 KG: Dylan Ness def Joe Johnston 2-1/fall :47
74 KG: Gregor Gillespie def Braden Schrupp 6-0/7-0
84 KG: Chris Pendleton def Jon Reader 3-2/5-1
96 KG: Luke Lofthouse def Marty Usman 1-1/1-4/1-0
120 KG: Blayne Beale def Jake Glore 4-1/1-0