I posted this thread on the College Board earlier. Who wins if each world champion challenges the guy one weight class higher and lower than he is? Assume all athletes are in world championship shape.

Lebedev vs Kudukov
Kudukov vs Kumar
Kumar vs Tsargush
Tsargush vs Ganev
Ganev vs Gayzumov
Gayzumov vs Makhov

My picks:
Kudukov beats Lebedev handily.
Kumar beats Kudukov in a barnburner, I guess. This would be a great match, especially since Kumar is not that big and both wrestle an exciting style.
Tsargush stalls out Kumar without too much trouble
Tsargush stalls out Ganev without too much trouble (Ganev is a small 84 and Tsargush isn't just good, he's strong).
Gayzumov beats up on poor Ganev.
Gayzumov beats Makhov- again, not very confident in this pick... chances are it comes down to clinches anyway.