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    I posted this thread on the College Board earlier. Who wins if each world champion challenges the guy one weight class higher and lower than he is? Assume all athletes are in world championship shape.

    Lebedev vs Kudukov
    Kudukov vs Kumar
    Kumar vs Tsargush
    Tsargush vs Ganev
    Ganev vs Gayzumov
    Gayzumov vs Makhov

    My picks:
    Kudukov beats Lebedev handily.
    Kumar beats Kudukov in a barnburner, I guess. This would be a great match, especially since Kumar is not that big and both wrestle an exciting style.
    Tsargush stalls out Kumar without too much trouble
    Tsargush stalls out Ganev without too much trouble (Ganev is a small 84 and Tsargush isn't just good, he's strong).
    Gayzumov beats up on poor Ganev.
    Gayzumov beats Makhov- again, not very confident in this pick... chances are it comes down to clinches anyway.

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    Agreed on all of them, unlike past years all of these seem pretty straight forward in my mind as well.
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    In this hypothetical, are we assuming that they meet at a catch weight? If not, then Kumar would not be in a barnburner against Kudukhov, who isn't big for 60kg either. Also, Ganev would beat Tsargush if he's competing at the level he was for 2010 WC's (which he usually doesn't, his problem is inconsistency, not lack of ability).

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    I like this concept, i wouldn't mind an absoulte division in the worlds some day,
    lebedev vs kudukhov kudukhov comfortably
    kudukhov vs kumar kudukhov straight periods close maybe a clinch here and there
    kumar vs tsargush tsargush by stalling and singlet grabbing
    tsargush vs ganev tsargush by stalling and singlet grabbing
    gazyumov vs ganev gazyumov comfortably
    gazyumov vs makhov gazyumov in 3 periods

    If there was an all out absolute division at the worlds i'd wager a guy from 96kg would win it.

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    I hadn't really thought about the weight, but I stick by my opinions regardless of what weight they meet at.

    Ganev is great, but I think Tsargush (despite his awful, awful style) is just that much better, and strong enough that Ganev's weight advantage wouldn't mean a whole lot.
    Likewise, while Kudukhov is a fair bit smaller than Kumar I think he is the best p4p wrestler in the world at this point and good enough to give the bigger (but less credentialed) guy a run for his money. I suppose Kumar could beat him up on the ground but I doubt it.

    Going through this I realize most of the worlds champs aren't overly big guys for their weights.

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