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Thread: Lanky Greco Wrestlers

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    It will be hard to change grip, but I see elbow to elbow gut grip often loosen a bit for a throw but in a smooth transition from move to move, if only because you need a bit of space between you and the down guy in setting up the lift. Hard to lift with a direct chest to back contact. But you won't have time to attempt a gut, pause, change grip, got to a throw, it has to be fluid.
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    lift from the same lock if you can. most guys cannot. some of those who can are olympic champs like ascuy. it's okay to change grips you just have to be clever about it. start with your cuban lock, waist and elbow, and decide if you you can't gut. if you can't, make your opponent think you are still trying to gut and loosen your lock to a hand to hand grip. transition to get both feet on the ground and lift.

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