Comes up this weekend. Looking like its going to be better attended than Junior Nationals were a couple weeks ago.

Entrants are available here. Just a quick glance through at each weight some notable names...

55: Sanders, Perrelli
60: Bedelyon, Tyler Clark, Drucker, Garnett, Hutter, Keith, Mitch, Mytych
63: Mark Ballweg, Nick Dardanes, Long, Stieber
66: Andrew Alton, Borshoff, Dutton, LeValley,
70: Dylan Alton, Nauman, Danny Zilverberg
74: Covington, Cowburn, Dake, Howe, Luvsandorj, Mock, Nick Sulzer, Toal
79: Tyler Caldwell, Hatchett, Manuel, Sponseller, Cody Yohn
84: Bennett, Hamlin, Heflin, Lewnes, Loder, Steinhaus, Max Thomusseit, Wright
96: Bosak, Capone, Fortune, Hanke, Kilgore, Simaz, Zac Thomusseit, Sonny Yohn
120: Bradley, Jeremy Johnson, Nelson

Nice looking match ups between Long and Stieber, Dake and Howe, and a possible rematch of last year's awesome final series at University World Trials between Lewnes and Wright.