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Thread: One Iranian guy I know told me something interesting

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    Default One Iranian guy I know told me something interesting

    He says just about every gym in Iran has a wrestling mat and most people workout in the gyms to get their bodies to perform better in wrestling. Pretty crazy if true. Imagine if we had a wrestling mat at every fitness center.

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    Not exactly true at least in my experiance. Now there is a wrestling club on just about every other every street corner in Iran. Even the smallest villages have some sort of wrestling club. Most clubs do have weights but not the reverse. I have been to many gyms that double as wrestling gyms. But there are many people there just to work out. Body building is very popular. About 1 out of every 10 boys wrestle in the north. (about 5 of 10 in Mazandaran). The south is more like 1 in 15. The south isn't known for having strong wrestling until recently where many Greco champions are coming from. Greco has taken in the south (Fars and Khuzistan proviences) as well as strong competition from the north. The wrestlers from the south have to really prove themselves to make a world or Olympic team as the national coaches still prefer northern wrestlers (Tehran, Mazandaran, and to a lesser extent Khorrasan proviences). More info than you probably wanted but I was on a roll.

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