Let me start by saying I am not a wrestler in any form. I've never had any training. Assume that I am idiot.

Last week my friend and I were play wrestling. He attempted to put me in a fireman's carry and I spun to his back, putting his right arm in a chicken wing. I put his left arm in a half nelson. I then locked my hands, pulling his arms back with one of his forearms pointing upward and the other down. I had decent control at that point and easily tossed him to the ground.

Is this even considered a wrestling hold and if so what is it called. My friend said it was called a reverse chicken wing. I've found no mention of a reverse chicken wing on google. I did find a half nelson + chicken wing, but there was no mention of locking hands. Or did I just discover a hold that is only effective on idiots, and was therefore never named?