Not sure if these two are still going to compete, but if there retire, where do they rank among the all time greats?

I'm not sure if Murta qualifies, since he is "only" a 2x world champ and Olympic bronze medallist. However, apart from two or three untimely losses, he was pretty dominant. He beat a ton of world champions,, often repeatedly- Tsargush, Aldatov, Barzakov, Teedev, Farniev, Ganev and even took 2/3 off Saitiev. Not sure how many European, Yarygin and Russian titles he won but it was quite a few.

Gatsalov is a 4x world champ with an Olympic gold and a silver medal. He's slowed down a bit but I don't think he lost a lot in his prime, and almost never when it counts the most. Gatsalov had the uncanny ability to win close matches again and again. Very effective with a variety of techniques. I've got to think he makes the all time great list on statistics alone.