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Thread: Cael Sanderson Entered for Brockport Northeast Regionals

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    Default Cael Sanderson Entered for Brockport Northeast Regionals

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    Default Re: Cael Entered for Brockport Northeast Regionals


    In the past random names have shown up on the Track Wrestling software (pretty sure anyone can get someone onto the "entrants" list) but to see him in the bracket...

    This should be interesting.
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    Default Cael getting back to competing?

    Someone posted the link - it looks like Cael has entered the Northeast Regional.

    Maybe he made a deal with the team that he would enter a tournament if they won the team title. Maybe it is step one toward next year's Olympics. I've been hearing rumors that he is considering making a run at 2012.

    It might be a busy life coaching and getting ready for the Olympics, but I don't know who else can hang with him, even being a few years out of competition.

    And another Olympic gold might just do some recruiting for him.

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    Default Re: Cael Sanderson Entered for Brockport Northeast Regionals

    Are you sure this is not a joke?

    If not, I wish Cael all the success in the world. He deserves it. If it is real, maybe this time the politics and pettiness won't bother him and he can just concentrate on wrestling. Would be great to see him win a world title and an Olympic title again.

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    Default Re: Cael Sanderson Entered for Brockport Northeast Regionals

    Varner is also entered at 120 kg. It would seem like Cael at 96 kg would be a plausible reason for that, because there is no other noteworthy competition at either weight.

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    Default Sanderson

    Cael Sanderson is wrestling in the Brockport Open this weekend at 211 lbs. No doubt that he will win this tournament. Wouldnt it be something else if he continued on and wrestled in the Worlds and Olympics the next time around? No matter what I feel about him as a coach, I've always felt that he was a great wrestler. He could and should compete to win another title for the USA. Why not? How could it hurt for him to win another Olympic gold eight years after his first one? It would certainly help recruiting at Penn St, which we all know is a department he needs help in.

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    Default Re: Sanderson

    Is this for real? It's hard to believe he'd go back to the mats this long after leaving it. There's also no way he could train for the olympics and be the head coach at PSU.

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    Default Re: Sanderson

    According to this article it was a deal with his team for winning Big 10's.
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    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Default Re: Sanderson

    Gable was going to come back if the hawks won big 10. Except he was going to make a run at the world team, not some second rate Freestyle tournament.
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