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Thread: European Championship 2011

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    Russia had 4 gold medalists (3 of them legitimate) without their "A" squad at most weights. Even if Georgia has some young talent, they're not going to overtake the Ruskies in the near future. Russia has been dominating the world championships without consistent results at 66kg or 84kg for some time now, so I don't think this tournament changes anything. There's still no one who can beat Kudukhov, Tsargush or Makhov and Russia is capable of anywhere from gold-bronze at the other four weights too.

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    Marsagishvili and georgia got screwed, how the russians can get away with that is just utter bs.

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    Makhov - Taimazov of Uzbekistan can beat him
    Tcargush - Murtazaliyev next time or Khutcishvili in the near future
    Kudukhov- maybe Asgarov in the near future. He reminds me Buvaysar Saitiev.

    Also, every year there are new talented wrestlers coming up.

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    84 kg match- wow, just wow. Given that the score on the board (3-3) is correct, they flat out raised the wrong hand. In fact, that's something that should be corrected after the fact by the FILA administration since it isn't a matter of a judgement call, but a cut and dried screw-up (like writing down the wrong winner on the bout sheet).

    that said, if the officials were determined to help Russia, why give the Georgian points at all? I didn't think he scored any in that final period- both the effort throw and he exposure were questionable at best. When Urishev scored that last second takedown, the Georgian landed on his side and Urishev gestures for 3 points. Perhaps after discussion the referees decided to give 3 points for the last takedown but the FILA results (which are usually wrong, it seems) don't reflect that?

    Don't get me wrong, I didn't think there was exposure and I think Georgia got screwed. But awarding 3 pts at the end makes more sense to me than raising the wrong hand with no justification whatsoever.

    And no, even with a level playing field, I don't think Georgia will be the top wrestling nation anytime soon. Any of Russia's studs could lose but unless they all lose to the same country they still have enough depth to take the team title.
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    Thing is you can never eclipse russia because of their control of the federation and the refs, if by some way you have good enough wrestlers to beat them the refs will make sure you don't the last time i can think of russia in a match were they didn't have total control was against iran in 09, and they lost their team wasn't too bad either.

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    In regards to the Urishev match at 84, the only justifiable explaination to me is that on the second point for Urishev in the third round, the chair and table judge awarded not only a point but a caution point, while the mat judge put up just the out of bounds. Also, irregardless of Tsargush' style of wrestling, with the singlet pulling, hair pulling etc. The guy is still a phenom, who is incredible when it comes to not giving up points. I can't see anyone beating him.

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    arm-spin, this wasn't the case. Urishev won because Marsag has been given a warning which is decisive when the the result is tied. The problem is that it's not clear how this happened and that nobody noticed the warning. Neither the Georgians, nor the Russians, nor even the referee. That's why at the end the Georgians were celebrating, the Russians were unhappy (but accepted that Urishev had lost), and the referee was going to declare Marsag the winner.

    Watch at 1:45 of the 3rd period. Urishev pushed Marsag out and the referee gave him his point. A second later, you see the small signal board at the table of the judge showing 1 point for Urishev and a warning for Marsag. This means the judge acted in disagreement with the referee by giving not 1 for the push-out, but W+1 probably for Marsag fleeing the mat. The question is why he gave W+1 only after the push out, when the action was over, and not before. Then the warning appears also on the big scoreboard and on the tv monitor as well. This means the chair (who isn't visible) must have comfirmed the W+1 given by the judge, not the point given by the referee. I can't understand how could this happen without the referee or anybody else noticing the decision.

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    Thanks for the explanation akzent. A warning for fleeing the mat seems stupid, but I understand. Not only is there too much corruption in wrestling but the rules are too friggin' complicated.

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    ... and i thought urishev was russias best, maybe gadisov will be the future

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