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Thread: European Championship 2011

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    74 - I like Taskoudis of Greece. Watch his match vs. Guliev (aze).
    96 - Ceban of Moldova improving.

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    Here you can watch all the fights from European Championship.

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    Download link

    Put match number intead of "XXX"

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    Tsargush grabbing the singlet again, he has to be the biggest cheat in wrestling, and one of the most boring cannot stand him.
    I really dislike Tsargush too, but which match are you referring to? He did it blatantly about 15 seconds before the match ends in the final, but at least that didn't seem to have any impact on the match, cheating though it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    Aldatov needs to go back down to 74 and fix him up good.
    I think Tsargush is better than Aldatov, peronally He's boring as can be but he's consistently very good whereas Aldatov is up and down. I take it Tsargush won the Europeans?

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    Yes he beat Musa Murtazliev 1-0,1-0. In the first period he was being conservative and then in a moderately exciting aggressive flurry ended up pushing him out. In the second the score was on an early go behind from a Murtazaliev shot, then he blocked off for most of the rest of the match. He was clearly the superior wrestler, but kept the action to a minimum as usual.

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    I watched the match now, and a couple of other Tsargush bouts. Incredible, it's like he's being paid money to only score once per round.

    What a miserable guy he would be to wrestle against now. In addition to the cheap stuff he's never out of position, he appears freakishly strong and if you clinch with him you'll probably lose regardless of who wins the ball draw. What's the game plan for beating this guy? I used to think Chamasurlaev can beat him, now I don't know who has a decent shot.

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    Maybe Satiev will become furious with boredom watching him wrestle and return? But seriously, no one in the current crop of 74's is at his level. In Kudukhov's case that's because he's probably the best pound for pound wrestler in the world. In Tsargush's case it also helps that he's in a much less competitive weight class than 96kg, 66kg or 60kg.

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    Otarsultanov 55kg champion!

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