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Thread: European Championship 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbdaz View Post
    Russia should send gadisov he needs more big international experiance he has wrestled world cup and world champs, he is the future at 84 for russia very talented great style. Seems like gatsalov is back as he is russia's reserve after akhmedov. I think gazyumov will be too strong for akhmedov.
    Gadisov is my favorite wrestler at 84kg. Absolutely talented, who wrestles in a very attractive way. Always pleasure to watch him. Wish to see Gadisov in London 2012.

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    Yeah i got my tickets ordered already i really hope gadisov is there, after the iranians he is my favourate wrestler i try imitating his style it looks effortless how he goes from hand fighting to the ankle is amazing he catches it so well they just can't react in time looks so easy.

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    Anyone got a stream for it?

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    Opan Sat (60kg) - has bright way to the final. 1 round Asgarov - Fedorishin (seems quite interesting, no chance for youngster though)
    Tcargush (74) - same here.
    Gazymov(96) - Baytcayev final

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    Anybody found a live stream?

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    Looks like Fedoryshyn beat Asgarov 2-1,1-0 in the first round, but then lost in the semis to Albanian world medalist Sahit Prizreni 2-1,1-1. Prizreni will face Russia's Opan Sat in the final who actually had a surprisingly tight bout with the Romanian on the other side, losing the second period 6-1. Tsargush will face Armenia's Musa Murtazaliev in the finals. And, unsurprisingly, 96kg will feature Gazyumov and Baytsaev, have they wrestled before? Azerbaijan is obviously the favorite, but if he gets upset Russian Nationals will be pretty interesting if Gatsalov is healthy.

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    Tsargush grabbing the singlet again, he has to be the biggest cheat in wrestling, and one of the most boring cannot stand him.

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    i miss the days when makach used to beat his ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pointcrossankle View Post
    i miss the days when makach used to beat his ass
    Aldatov needs to go back down to 74 and fix him up good.

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