So, recently I wrestled at a Three style tournament in the Junior/Cadet Folkstyle division and I was there two hours earlier than what I needed to be so I got to watch a lot of Freestyle and it seemed fun. So when I got back home my dad and I went over some moves. He taught me a Gut Wrench and a Leg lace but that was about all he could remember besides a Front lift for Greco. Anyways, a few things I noticed were bad shots. They were often countered with something that looked kind of like a cement mixer - hand wrapped around the head and locked onto their tricep and you other hand pushed their elbow in and you rolled to the side you had the arm. And I noticed they would also lock their hands in the crotch and score points from there, whats that called? And is there anything I can do to keep from getting rolled with the crotch lock? What else should I know before registering to compete in a Freestyle tournament?