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    So, recently I wrestled at a Three style tournament in the Junior/Cadet Folkstyle division and I was there two hours earlier than what I needed to be so I got to watch a lot of Freestyle and it seemed fun. So when I got back home my dad and I went over some moves. He taught me a Gut Wrench and a Leg lace but that was about all he could remember besides a Front lift for Greco. Anyways, a few things I noticed were bad shots. They were often countered with something that looked kind of like a cement mixer - hand wrapped around the head and locked onto their tricep and you other hand pushed their elbow in and you rolled to the side you had the arm. And I noticed they would also lock their hands in the crotch and score points from there, whats that called? And is there anything I can do to keep from getting rolled with the crotch lock? What else should I know before registering to compete in a Freestyle tournament?

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    Moves have different names in different places- I call that turn a "gaborie" or head pinch. The crotch lift is just a crotch lift.

    To avoid getting countered- clean, hard shots with quick finishes without giving the defensive wrestler a chance to scramble. Blast doubles are good, as are snatch singles or clean ankle picks. If you are a high-crotch shooter, make sure you turn the corner quickly. You want to avoid being caught in a cross body position- ie your head is on one side of your opponent's body, while your hips are on the other.

    Also brush up on your gut wrench and ankle lace defense so you don't get spun like a top.

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    Thanks, I've been working with my coach and the things you've talked about. I'm wrestling next weekend at a freestyle/folkstyle tournament

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