Full results of some tourneys held in February

Cuba - FS, GR, FW

Iran - FS
84 kg final - no pin, Lashgari withdrew in the 3rd period.

Bulgaria - FS, GR, FW

GR 96 - Guri beat Ruiz for a second time this season, the first being at Dave Schultz.

Good performance of the Romanian wrestlers. In the 60-kg FS final, Bucur beat the Dagestani Shaalov - one of the imported hopes of Azerbaijan. In the 74-kg GR final, Puscasu beat Kvirkvelia - 3 points throw from stand in the last seconds of the 3rd period (Kvirkvelia had the 2:0 lead after a gut wrench).

the winning 3pts throw at the end:

Another upset: 1st round at 66 FS - Kurtev, the second ranked Bulgarian wrestler in this weight class, pinned the European champ and world medalist Jabrail Hasanov (Aze) in the 1st period, cradle.