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    The CIS championships- the Canadian version of the NCAA's, basically, is happening this weekend. It is a freestyle tournament with 8 wrestlers qualifying from each weight. Medal matches will be webcast on Saturday at this link if anyone is interested:

    Final rankings are here: Lots of good young guys wrestling; former world #5 David Zilberman is competing at heavyweight.

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    Looks like Concordia won men's and Alberta won women's championships.

    Individually doesn't look like a whole ton of upsets (though to be honest I'm not all that familiar with some younger Canadian wrestlers, so I could be wrong,) In the match of most interest to me, Daniel Olver beat Matt Miller at 82.

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    You know you are old when you look at the medal list like I just did and you see the kids of at least three coaches I knew and one guy that I wrestled in High School!

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