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Thread: Schwab was outclassed against Tushishvili

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    Default Schwab was outclassed against Tushishvili

    I just watched his bronze medal match. He was outclassed hands down. The guy turned him all over the place in the first. Schwab could not get much offense going other than pushing.

    Heskett was impressive against Murtazaliev though.

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    Default Re: Schwab was outclassed against Tushishvili

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who'd have picked Schwab to make it that far. I think he did alright for himself. I imagine you'll find a lot of guys who are outclassed by Tushishvili.

    Agreed on Heskett though, he wrestled Murtazaliev really tough.

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    Default Re: Schwab was outclassed against Tushishvili

    in an interview with themat, schwab said he wished he had been more physical throughout the tournament...... hahaha! that kid is out of his mind. all he did, all tournament long, was snap down and mollywop his opponents. he only beat puerto rico 1-0, 1-0 (who is not very good at all), bc he was more focused on trying to kill the kid than on scoring points.

    schwab needs to realize in college he was able to break kids, but he's not going to break the cubans, the iranians, russians, et al... those kids are tough as nails. those kids are used to being rough. they will play his game, then they'll blast him off the mat with SOLID TECHNIQUE. look at what garzon did to him. garzon played his game, then he knee picked the crap out of schwab.

    i really like schwab, but he needs to work on his technique, and less on trying to 'break' his oponents. tom brands was really good at transitioning between the two.... tom would try to kill you, then he would use solid technique.

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