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Thread: Greco-roman World Cup 2011

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    mankiev pinned bayramov. bayramov attempted a throw but fell to his back and mankiev pinned him. at the same time he got injured but this became evident after the pin.

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    lol Taliban !to me, Iran is the clear favorite at 84, 96 and maybe 60, Russia is better at 55 and maybe 74. I think Iran will win 5-2 or 4-3 ! I hope !

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    10 min ago, bayramov won his match in the dual meet for the 3rd place; he was in good shape; not any single sign of being or having been injured.
    he obviously simulated an injury yesterday - to look like he was pinned due to injury.

    woooow jimbo! what happened?! the underdogs won, the favorites lost.
    55 hajipour smashed olympic champ mankiev - 7:0 in the 3rd period.
    66 abdevali beat world champ vachadze - 4:0 in the 3rd period.

    84 nematpour lost to the young khugaev; got thrown in the 1st period.
    96 ghorbani lost to totrov.

    the other 3 weight classes - no upsets.

    i thought nematpour would win but i knew totrov would beat ghorbani - that's why i asked you particularly about this match.
    well it's not a big tragedy for iran. both khugaev and totrov are ossetians --> an iranian ethnic group, your caucasian brothers.
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    Good win for Iran but I was really surprised when we lost 3 matches in a row! all of them in the last 30 seconds of the last period.the Iranian radio commentator was very angry with officiationg (in almost all of the matches), they even talked with coach Banna after the match and he was angry too, he said all Russians wrestled dirty ! (very defensively), Akzent what do you think about it ? I didn't watch the fights but from what I heard on radio, even Martinetti came and changed some socres.

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    i added some words to my message on the previous page because i couldnt post here

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    jimbo, i cant answer your question because the video stream wasnt good; stalled many times

    74 sharafetdinov won the first and lizadeh won the second period - no controversial calls
    in the 3rd period, sharefetdinov defended a gut so that alizadeh went to his back. sharafetdinov got 2 points. iranians protested; after video review referees found the protest incorrect and gave sharafetdinov one more point. all the time alizadeh was pointing to his hip obviously meaning that his opponed was holding his leg.

    84 - nothing in stand-up
    1 per. - nematpour down. khugaev threw nematpour
    2 per. - khugaev down. nematpour gut'ed khugaev at the very end, finishing the move at 2:00. the referee didnt give him points. after video review, he got his 2 pts
    3 per. - khugaev down. absolutely the same!!! in the last second but this time really after the 2:00 mark. it was obvious.

    96 - nothing in standup
    1 per. - ghorbani down. totrov scored in partere; no idea how; the video stalled.
    2 per. - totrov down. ghorbani nice 3pt throw
    3 per. - totrov down. ghorbani attempted the same throw; but totrov already knew the move and knew how to escape this time.

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    thanks, actually the major protest was about the second period of 66kg which made the next wrestlers nervous and caused them to do some stupid mistakes.Banna was mostly angry about the attitude of the russians, Banna called it "Zedde Koshti = Anti wrestling" (dirty jobs) , from what I heard on radio, all Russians were extremely passive in the first 1:30 mins.
    even the iawf website said the same thing on its report

    most interesting thing I heard from the radio commentator:"thanks god, Martinetti is from Switzerland, if Russians get this position too, then we must say goodbye to the fair wrestling"

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    i was told some videos will be up on this channel. check it later

    yes, except for 74 sharefetdinov, the russian were passive.
    this may be the reason why vachadze got his head hitted and abdevali got a warning in the second period you are talking about.
    vachadze - slow; abdevali - offensive, agressive, moving very fast. i don't think he intentionally hit vachadze head with his head. it happened only because of the different speed of the actions of the two wrestlers. if vachadze had moved (and reacted) a little bit faster, it wouldn have happened. actually nothing special happened - it was more of a clash than a hit. vachadze didn't even complain (other wrestlers do) but the referees decided to caution abdevali.

    in 3 periods, vachadze couldn't score any single point. the only point he earned was that one for the caution.

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    Is this Totrov guy beating Khustov?

    Is sounds like the final matches went the way too much greco goes these days... basically a gut wrench competition with the odd lift thrown in. I wish these guys would try some more throws from their feet.

    Vachadze is really boring to watch. At last year's worlds (which he won) I don't think he scored anything other than gut wrenches (1 per match) and defensive points.

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