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    since it is now ramadan, did all of the muslim wrestlers observe it during the world championships??? meaning no eating while the sun is out

    did gatsalov, et al, win a world championship on an empty stomach???

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    Good question - also, are there any women wrestlers from Israel? I would assume that they would decline from wrestling during Yom Kippur. Any Jewish male wrestlers just barely made it!

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    I really doubt that many of the Muslim wrestlers were fasting. Many athletes in Muslim countries don't fast during their athletic careers. On top of that just because a person comes from a Muslim populated country they don't always observe or practice. As in Iran many people are Muslims (meaning they believe) but don't really practive. It's more cultural from some. Similar to the U.S.A. Many people are Christian by orientation but many not follow the Bible or the teachings of Jesus very well. As in both countries (and everywhere for that matter) you have both kinds of people.

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    I don't know about the World athletes, however, two years ago we had a foreign exchange student who wrestled for us. During the fall season, he played soccer and he told us he celebrated Ramadan the whole time he played. Good thing, because he had to cut down to 112 for us. Craziest wrestler I ever coached.

    First match ever, the whistles blows, he does a full out sprint at the guy. The guy is just standing there like "What the hell." Our guy sprinting full speed, grabs the guy in a collar tie and foot sweeps him right to his back and pins him. Funniest thing I ever saw.
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