I have a curious question for our American friends.

Over the years, I have been a part of some travelling Canadian teams that have competed in the States- usually in the Freestyle (off-season) tournaments. However, we have trained with American teams in Folkstyle and have even competed in a few Folkstyle tournaments and have done quite well, despite the rule differences.

So we always discuss the difficulty of American college studs trying to make the Olympic transition. But I've been wondering how hard it would be for a Freestyle wrestler to make the transition to Folkstyle. I have an athlete who is a decent Canadian Freestyle wrestler who may have to follow his family to the States. What are his chances of sucess in terms of making his High School team and adjusting to the rules. It seems, to me, that a good freestyle wrestler can easily take advantage of the 'funk' of the folkstyle wrestlers and put them to their back.