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Thread: Yarygin Results/streams?

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    disapointed with 74, it looks really, really weak compared to previous years, farniev and murtazaliev are done? gostiev? geduev?! where were these guys? and has anyone heard of anything about soslan tigiev from uzb?

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    I think Farniev just got beat, his name was in the brackets. Still... weak as you say.

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    Farniev has been around forever, but I'm pretty sure he still has his eyes on 2012 (according to Hrovat's blog and Andy has become close friends with him training out there).

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    In the first round, Farniev met Hungarian muscle-man Gabor Hatos, 2010 world medalist. He beat him but got otaly outpowered and lost in the 2nd round.

    Today 84

    upper part of the brackets:

    Saritov beat Hrovat in the 1st round, then Zubairov, and Ktsoev in the semis 1:0, 3-2 - nice 3 pts throw in the last second:

    In wrestling back, Hrovat lost to Zubairov. Ksoev beat Zubairov for the 3rd place 2-0, 0-2, 3-0.

    In the bottom part of the brackets:
    Herbert beat a Hungarian guy, the he lost to Urishev.
    Urishev beat Gadisov in the semis and Saritov in the finals.
    Gadisov beat Herbert for the 3rd place.

    In brief: Favorites Ktsoev & Gadisov placed 3rd.

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    Also at 96 some of the favorites lost.

    Ibragim Saidov lost already in the 1st round to future finalist Baytsaev. Bad conditioning.
    In the quarters Ketoev lost to the other future finalist - Shamil Akhmedov.
    Final: Akhmedov beat Baytsaev.

    Varner - goooood. In the quarters, he beat (pinned?) Arslanbek Aliev. Unfortunately, he got injuried vs. Shamil Akhmedov in the semis and didn't show up for the 3rd place vs. Ketoev.

    120 kg
    Upper part: Bakhtiar Akhmedov reached the finals without any problems. In the quarters he beat Sigman (who beat Arsen Naniev in the first round).

    Upset in the bottom part: Barsag Kesaev pinned Dlagnev in the quarters and Rowlands in the semis. Rowlands actually dominated; he was leading and and got pinned when attempting another throw.
    Kesaev isn't a new comer; he is just internationally not known.
    In the finals, he was helpless vs. Akhmedov.

    Dlagnev and Sigman beat their opponents in the wrestle backs.
    For the 3rd place, Sigman lost to Tsarikaev; don't know who won in the other (US) bronze medal match - Dlagnev vs. Rowlands.

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    Wonder how much of 84 came down to clinches? Those Russians are pretty talented but when Gadisov, Urishev ect. wrestle it always seems to be a really boring match.

    Oh yeah, and that throw was incredible.
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    Spin, where are the Garcias, Pinedas and Plievs?

    You can only improve so much wrestling tourneys like the Guelph Open!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree Hubbard. I don't know if Canada Wrestling has enough money to send guys to the Yarygin, but if they can, they should.

    Good match posted between Chakaev and Sat, Chakaev really gave that one away... pretty much ankle laced himself at the buzzer.

    Regarding Farniev, I think he is a bit too small for 74 kg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Oh yeah, and that throw was incredible.
    You can see the same action in the last seconds of an earlier match of Saritov, 1,5 years back:

    the only difference being that the throw wasn't so spectacular as it was today.

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