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    so i have read in other forums, threats which try to link specific religions with great wrestling. i think that argument is false.

    however, there seems to be a recurring pattern of great wrestlers with strong religious affiliations/beliefs.

    some of the ones that come to mind are: the sandersons, the brands, Schultz, mcilravy, most every iranian, gatsalov, bill zadick, slay, carr, the pettersons. even the cuban coaches are known for giving their top athletes sacred dolls from the santeria religion, as good luck charms for their international tours. the korean national team can be seen praying before meals, in tournaments.

    so it seems that a specific religion does not encourage great wrestling, but having the belief that a higher authority is holding you accountable to your actions, and a higher authority is giving you backing, may be helping many of these athletes perform at their top of their game.

    any thoughts?
    have i missed any other top wrestlers with strong religious affiliations?
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    I think that, quite often, the best wrestlers are passionate, disciplined people. This passion and discipline quite often spills over into every aspect of their life, including their faith.

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    Excellent points...

    A couple other wrestlers who are known for their enduring religious faith include Michigan State's Franklin Gomez, and Olympians Rulon Gardner, Wayne Wells (1972), Shelby Wilson (1960), and Dan Hodge (1952/56).

    And I think Bluestater's explanation makes perfect sense.


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    Jacob Wrestling with the Angel by Rembrandt.

    With the sport being as old as it is, it is undoubtedly going to be woven in to Biblical references.

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    Default Re: Great Wrestlers and Religion

    Are the wrestlers from the Muslim nations known for especially religous?
    Just because the country or region is overwhelmingly, that does not mean that all of the wrestlers are very religous.

    Other US wreslers that are very open about their religous devotion are Jim Greunwald and Justin Ruiz. Dremiel Byers knelt in prayer with Rulon in the middle of the mat before their Olympic trials final.
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    There are ample DVD's, video and so forth where wrestlers, great ones like Peterson, Gable, Brands and more talk about the importance of faith in their lives and discipline. AIA and numerous other groups have taken advantage of this and those videos can be obtained either for free or a small fee for those that are interested.
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    as always, the brands brothers never fail to impress....

    so in a book called "wrestling tough", the author asks the brothers about religion. tom talks about a time, while in college, when he injuried his knee before a big dual meet. the night before the match, tom got a bible, and taped it to his injured knee. he slept the whole night with the bible taped to his knee. the next day, he got up and wrestled the dual meet, with his knee feeling just fine. of course, he took the bible off to wrestle the match.

    i swear, this story is true! if i really must prove it, i'll find the citation and will scan it for you guys.

    those boys are a piece of work.

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    Just because Iran is a theocratical nation doesn't mean every Iranian is religious and many are only religious by birth. I know many many Iranians and almost all of them are Muslim by birth but other than that are none religious.

    I also think it is ludicrous that you claim great wrestling isn't linked with region's of the world.

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    If you are referring ot the original post he said religions not regions.

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