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    From the Wrestling Hall of Fame:

    Kevin Jackson's wrestling achievements have grown exponentially from winning prep championships to becoming one of the elite of the sport. His "can do" attitude fueled his matches as a competitor and continues to enhance his coaching of America's future Olympians.

    A two- time Michigan State Champion and three- time All American for Louisiana State University, Jackson completed his collegiate career at Iowa State University as an All American and runner up in the 1987 NCAA tournament. Then his career turned gold.

    Representing the United States of America, he won a Gold Medal at the 1991 World Championship, followed by a 1992 Olympic Gold Medal and another gold at the 1995 World Championships. To that golden record, he added three World Cup titles and two Pan American Games Championships. For his accomplishments, he was named the 1991 US Olympic Committee Wrestler of the Year, the 1992 Amateur Wrestling News Man of the Year, and the 1995 USA Wrestling Freestyler of the Year. He is also a member of both the Michigan and the Iowa Wrestling Halls of Fame.

    Today, he is USA Wrestling's team coach. With his eye still on the gold, he is sharing his expertise with the next generation of Olympic champions. In addition to sharing his technical knowledge, he serves on the US Olympic Committee minority leader program (FLAME) and the Native American Sports Council.

    For his golden freestyle career of international acclaim and his investment in the future of the sport, Kevin Jackson is honored as a Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

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