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    For wrestling historians or those in the know... what are some of the toughest brackets ever in international tournaments?

    I remember the 2008 74 kg Olympic bracket being touted of one of the all-time toughest because of the number of veteran wresters with medals (Saitiev, Adatov, Gitinov, Tigiev, Fundora,Gaidrov, Chamasurlaev, Bazri).

    Two others that come to mind:
    The 2000 Yargyin at 84 when 3x world/olympic Adam Saitiev beat 7x world/olympic Khadartsev in the final, and 2xworld/olympic champ Magomedov beat 2x world champ Sajidov for bronze. Wow. (I wonder if a young Gatsalov was in the bracket too?)

    Not sure of the whole bracket, but in 1996 Saitiev beat World/Olympic champ Monday, the defending Olympic champ from Korea, and world (and arguaby Olympic) champ Leipod en route to the gold medal.

    Any others?
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    ck out Gia sissouri's Draw from I believe 97 where he wins bronze.

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    ramazan sahin had a pretty crazy draw in 08 - garzon, taghavi, tushishvili, stadnik

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    Shahin also pulled off some crazy moves to win it- hit a big throw in the dying seconds against Garzon to win one period, help off Taghavi in a tripod to win another, a last second comeback with an inside trip to beat Tushisvilli and a step-over on a gutwrench in the 3rd to take out Stadnik. They don't come much more "clutch" than this guy.

    There's a thread on right now detailing the insanely tough draw Tom Brands had at the 1996 Olympics.

    I don't think Igali's draw in the 2000 Olympics was one of the toughest, but he certainly had some tough matches with 3 OT bouts in a row!

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    Kudukhov had pretty tough draws in 06 and 07 I think.

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