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Thread: information on fadzaev?

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    Default information on fadzaev?

    i was checking out some of his matches on youtube. he was truly amazing. i'm wondering if any if you guys have any stories, background info, or any other interesting information on him.


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    One of the most technically sound and dominant wrestlers to ever live.

    Fadzaev did not surrender a single point at the 1990 World Championships.

    Well it was no secret that Fadzaev hated training. He would often disappear and no one would know where to find him. He would drive his coach Dedekaev crazy.

    One story I heard was that Fadzaev disappeared after the 1991 World Championships and did not do any training for almost one year.

    Well a few months before the Barcelona Olympics Fadzaev showed up about 15 kgs over weight and extremely out of shape. So out of shape in fact, that he could barely walk around the track one time.

    So the coaches started slowly just having him walk around the track, and then sauna and massage, until he could pick up the pace. I think this was for a few weeks. He then began drilling lightly and maybe situations. I think he then went up into the mountains of North Ossetia to do some "intense" conditioning.

    He then had a match with boris Budaev to determine who would go to Barcelona. Fadzaev won the match and went to Barcelona and literally walked through the competition on the way to his second Olympic Gold Medal. In the Gold Medal match he defeated his Bulgarian opponent 13-1!

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