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Thread: Asian Games of Guangzhou

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    84 FS final Jamal Mirzaei - Lee

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    96 FS quarters Yazdani v Tigiev 4(1,1,2)-1, 5(2,1,1,1)-1

    I expected a tight score & 3 periods.

    Half an hour later, they were friends

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    Yazdani in the semifinal vs Korea

    Final vs Kurbanov 1:3, 3:0, 6-4

    Yazdani seems to be free of any strong religious and national feelings. He was the only one among the 7 Iranian champs at the games (4 gr, 3 fs) not running around with the national flag or posing with it for pictures and not going to knees or performing any other actions to praise God and thank him. He was simply enjoying the competition.

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    Yazdani Is Mazandarani. I think Mazandaranis are not as religious as other Iranians. Seems to eb that way in my family.

    Nothing wrong with holding your flag though.

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    Great pictures Akzent!

    Based on the videos shown in these threads and the brackets found here, here are my awards for this tournament:

    Outstanding wrestler- Hasegawa, Japan. Easy choice here, he beat a 5x world champ in the semis and scored a pin iin the finals.

    FS: Outstanding wrestler- Yazdani, Iran. Lots of possible choices here. Mirzae was the most dominant, but had an easy bracket. In the end I went with Yazdani because of his dominant win over olympic medallist Tigiev and his very exciting final match.

    Golden Plyon Award (most boring)- again, lots of choices here based on the scores. I was going to award it to Tinaliev based on the reported match with Akbari, but according to the brackets he also scored a fall. Netamapour is a strong contender as well, scoring no more than 3 points in one match. At the end though, the golden pylon goes to Medhi Taghavi, for scoring only one point in the finals despite being a big favorite to win the tournament.

    PS I really want to see the 55 and 66 kg freestyle finals, anyone got a link to video?

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    Jimbo, where to watch Taghavi v Yonemitsu?

    Wooow, Iran won silver in the wrestling game kabaddi. They are improving. At past Asian games (2006), they placed 4th only.

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    finally i found it

    66KG: Taghavi - Yonemitsu

    120kG: bronze medal match, Masoumi - Katayev

    Part 1

    Part 2

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    how does tigiyev get dq against yazdani?

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    fila uploaded the videos.

    yazdani v tigiev
    FILA Wrestling - WEB TV' and match_style='FS' AND match_poids='96' and match_style='FS'&compet=1369

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