Musulbes signed a contract with the German club Aalen, for which he wrestled 2 years ago.
This past weekend, he wrestled in 2 dual meets in the German league.
Since the opponent clubs didn't have HWTs, 96-kg guys wrestled vs. Musulbes.
Musulbes won the matches not easily; appeared in bad shape.

On Saturday, he wrestled Stefan Kehrer - 2006 European bronze medalist, 2009 Dave Schultz winner:
He won 1:0, 1:0 clinch, 1:0 clinch. In the second period, he needed 20 seconds to score from the clinch.

Notice that in the German league, they wrestle 3 of 5 periods, not 2 of 3 as in Fila.

On Sunday, he faced Johannes Kessel, 21, the guy who represented Germany at 96 at the 2010 europeans and worlds placing 12th and 21st respectively:

The match lasted 5 periods!! Musulbes won 1:0, 1:0, 0:1 (passivity wanring), 0:3, 3:1.

video - the 5 periods from the match yesterday.
I like the 4th period - Musulbes going for double leg, Kessel countering and Musulbes flying to his back in a funy way. Later going mad...