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    Randy Lewis v. Boris Budaev 1991 USA/USSR Dual

    Anatoli Beloglazov v. Yuji Takada 1978 World Championships

    Hideki Tomiyama v. Sergei Beloglazov 1979 World Championships

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    GREAT videos!!

    My thoughts...

    I'm suprised Randy Lewis didn't win more world/olympic medals. I know he lost to John Smith in '88, what happened the other years? Lost in the US trials? Lost in the world's? Didn't compete?

    Sergei B must have had nightmares about that last match. Absolutely everything went wrong... the sudden lack of double-leg defence, the "head butt" takedown, the iffy 1-1 call at the end... Never thought I'd see him cough up a lead.

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    Was Randy wrestling up for that dual?


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    Check out what I found!
    leven tediashvili vs ben peterson 1976 olympic final

    The same guy has uploaded a ton of matches, mainly of Georgian wrestlers, from the 70's to the last Olympics. Check it out:

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    lewis - budaev match was so sick. You just dont see that kind of wrestling anymore!!!

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