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Thread: Top 12 Pound-For-Pound: World's Best Freestyle Wrestlers

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    You might not like his style..but Saidov at 96 kg is a bull. He beat Gatsalov at Russian Nats. He is a tough draw for anyone.

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    Gadisov deserves a nod. He looked at Yarygin.

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    Saidov isn't on the list because he lost early at the Yarygin's, not sure to whom. I agree he has the talent (at least defensively) to be top 5.

    Gadisov has lost out to Ksotev and Urishev at the Yarygin and last year's nationals. He'd probably be #6 on my list.

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    Maybe the Georgian 120kg wrestler Beriandize who beat Masoumi at Worlds should be ranked top 5? He also beat 3x Asian champ and Olympic medalist Mutalimov. He's very young, so if he beats everyone besides Makhov at Europeans then he definitely deserves 4th spot IMO. Arzoumanidis has really stepped it up for the last two World Championships, but I will be surprised if he continues to have major success. Maybe I'm underestimating him. Did you all know he used to be a 96kg Greco wrestler as recently as 2008???

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    You might be right bw. To be honest I'm not very well informed on heavyweight, beyond the top 3. I don't know about the Greek guy either, it seems he gets beaten all the time but then wins two world medals.

    74 kg could probably be re-done as well now; Goudrazi and Fundora just lost to relatively unheralded wrestlers. Chama recently wrestled at 84 so not sure which weight he's going. For now I'd probably drop Fundora off his spot and replace him with olympic bronze medalist Terziev, one of my favorites to watch (and he pinned Fundora at the Oympics.) That Russian with the crazy throws- Geduev? is up there also.

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    arzoumanidis?! in the 2009 bronze medal match he couldn't score; he recieved the victory because his cuban opponent got warned.
    at the 2010 worlds he got pinned but the pin was never called.

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    Updated rankings after Yarygin and Europeans (again, this is off memory and quick googling of results so please feel free to correct me). Rankings are based on a combination of past and current results

    55 kg:
    1: Mansurov, Uzbekistan (but he better start competing again soon)
    2: Lebedev, Russia (undefeated at world cup)
    3: Yang, North Korea (has he wrestled since losing to Mansurov at Europeans?)
    4: Otasultranov, Russia (Yarygin, European champion)
    5: Khineshgashvilli (jr. world champ, Euro runner up)

    60 kg:
    1: Kudukhov Russia, (undefeated at world cup)
    2:Open Sat, Russia (European, Yarygin champion)
    3: Fedorishin, Ukraine (not dominant but consistent)
    4: Huseynov, Azerbayjan (assuming he can beat Asgravov)
    5: Bunch, USA

    66 kg:
    1: Kumar, India (commonwealth champ)
    2: Hasaynov, Azerbayjan (got pinned in smaller tournament, but dominated Europeans)
    3: Garzon, Cuba (lost to #2 Iranian at world cup)
    4: Batirov, Russia (won Yarygin, 3rd at Euros)
    5: Gadziev, Russia (wanted to put Garcia here but Gadziev beat him)

    74 kg:
    1: Tsargush, Russia (European champ0
    2: Goudrazi, Iran (lost to another Iranian, but no one else stands out)
    3: Gaber Hatos, Hungary (bronze at worlds, Euros)
    4: Chamasurlaev, Azerbayjan (assuming he makes the weight)
    5: Murtazaliev, Armenia (2nd at Euros... pretty weak weight.)

    1: Urishev, Russia (European, Yarygin champ)
    2: Sohiev, Uzbekhistan (probably the best but he never competes)
    3: Mizrae Iran (Asian champ)
    4: Ktsoev, Russia (or Gadisov, all the top Russians are pretty even)
    5: Ganev, Bulgaria (defending world champ back in action but hasn't been dominant lately)

    1: Gayzumov, Azerbayjan (won Euros, beat Saidov)
    2: Gatsalov, Russia (unless he retires- I hope not)
    3: Yazdani, Iran (beat Gogchelidze, won Asian games)
    4: Gogchelidze, Georgia
    5: Akhmedov, Russia (Yarygin champ)

    1: Makhov, Russia
    2: Taymazov, Uzbekistan (Asian champ)
    3: Dlagnev, USA (consistent medal threat, 3rd at Yarygins)
    4: Akhmedov, Russia (lost bad at Europeans, won Yarygin)
    5: Masoumi, Iran (I guess... don't really know much about heavyweights)
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    didn't dlagnev get put down at the takhti cup, akhmedov got beat by kurbanov who i could see being in the mix soon at 120 but akhmedov without a doubt should be in there, I like your 96 kg rankings, 84 i wouldn't have urishev as no1, i'd probably have sokhiev, but in reality the best 84kg wrestler at the moment is mirzaei, i'd have ganev above ktsoev being the world champ and amiri beating ktsoev at the world cup, at 74 i have to really disagree with hatos got beaten comfortably at the world cup by iran and cuba. At 66, i'd put hosseinkhani in there beating gogaev(world silver medalist), garzon, metcalf and taghavi this year. I'd take bunch out of 60kg he's done nothing to impress. The list overall is pretty solid though, I'm just nitpicking

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    Nitpicking is fine. I don't pretend to remember everything, and to be honest I didn't follow the world cup very closely.

    Like I said, my rankings are based on a mixture of past and present results. 84 was a tough one for me. Sokhiev has done nothing this year, while Urishev has won both the Europeans (yes, very controvertially) and the Yarygin. Ganev has not done well this year, he got spanked at a Russian tournament first round and lost in the quarters at Europeans, but he was injured and the defending word champ. Sokhiev is the most accomplished and probably the best but he's vulnerable because he doesn't compete much. Aldatov is another great one when he wants to be, but he's just embarassing to watch other times. Ksotev medalled at the Yarygin and also beat Chamasurlaev this tear. I know Mirzaei beat Sokhiev, but what is his best finish at a world championship?

    At 66, Kumar and Hasaynov are an obvious #1 and 2, after that it gets dicey. I agree with Hossienkhani, I forgot about him but remembered after I did my list. The winner of Hosseinkhani/Taghavi at the Iranian trails should probably be 3 or 4. I still think Ramazan Shahin is the best guy at this weight if he competes consistently.

    At 74 it seems like everyone except Tsargush sucks (compared to the top guys at other weights). Certainly no one as a clear #2 or 3.

    Bunch has beat beaten Huseynov several times, and lost to Fedorishin in double clinches. But I rank him #5 and he goes out and loses to Humphery today. Guess he won't be top 5 when I updaate these.

    At heavyweight... I'm not terribly informed, but beyond Makhov and Taymazov everyone seems pretty vulnerable. Akhnedov has done great at times (Yarygin) and poorly at others (Europeans). So has Dlagnev.

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