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    Seems wierd to criticize the current world champs, but what makes the Russian greco team so much less dominant than the freestyle one?

    Not only do they win less championships, it also seems like there is less internal competition on the team, with guys like Albiev winning the nationals up a weight, and Mishine being around forever.

    Anybody got insight?

    PS did Albiev beat Vachadze when he wrestled nationals at 66 kg?

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    It seems to me that it is much harder for a single country to be dominant in greco than in freestyle on the world stage, which is also evident in the larger diversity of medelists at worlds.

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    I guess the obvious question then is: why is it harder for a single country to be dominant in greco? Is it the increased number of competitors? Do the rules make upsets easier? What's going on?

    Seems like in greco wild inconsistency is the norm not only among countries but among athletes. Who can forget guys like Gaber and Kvirkvelia who look completely unstoppable one year and very average (compared to other high-level wrestlers) the next?

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    My take on it is that in greco there is a smaller gap between the elite and average world class wrestlers, as opposed to freestyle. In freestyle an elite wrestler can cruise through some competitiors and tech them effortlessly, but in greco this is much harder due to its limited nature and fewer opportunities to score. Thus in greco there are fewer ways for the elite to seperate themselves from the rest.

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    more countries take greco more seriously than freestyle. as a result, there is more depth in more countries and again more depth internationally.

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