Wow am I disappointed in our showing at the World's. What happened to the teams like we had from the past up to about 2004 when if we didn't have at least two golds it was a disappointment. I don't believe the whoa is me theory money/profession theory, because how were we successful before when our athletes had no monetary bonus to look forward too?
I don't want to sound as if I am completely bashing our guys because I know that they are all beasts on the mat I just am frustrated as to how things could've slipped so far so fast.
On a positive note the living the dream fund should be able to gain decent interest in the next year.
I realize this has been brought up several times before due to recent performances but this is the worst World Championships I can ever remember (32 years old) I am interested into thoughts and opinions as to why you think we were able to muster a total of 4 freakin wins.