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Thread: Freestyle/Greco/Women's World Championships Fantasy Wrestling

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    Default Freestyle/Greco/Women's World Championships Fantasy Wrestling

    This is just an odd idea that I had, and given the specifics its not something that we'd be able to do for another year but I figure I'll throw it up here and see if there is anything even resembling interest.

    We've done a fantasy league for the college season over the last three years to great success and this kind of would run in the same vein for just the World Championships. I think this would be a fun way to possibly drum up some interest in people who don't necessarily follow the sport very closely.

    Do something like you pick 10 wrestlers, one at each weight class 55-120 and then two guys from any weight and one female wrestler. I'd also probably mandate that you can't have all freestyle or all greco with your nine male wrestlers. You could do 8 freestyle and 1 greco or vice versa but all nine men couldn't wrestle the same style. So your line up would look like this...

    55 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    60 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    66 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    74 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    84 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    96 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    120 KG: Freestyle or Greco
    Any Weight: Women's
    Any Weight: Freestyle or Greco
    Any Weight: Freestyle or Greco

    To score things I'd probably do something like. Normal 2 of 3 period win is 3 points, win where you get a tech in one period is 4 points, tech in both periods is 5, fall is 6. I'd consider cutting match win points in half for repechage matches. Scoring in those would be 1.5/2/2.5/3 to avoid a bronze winner scoring more than a finalist. Then 20 for a Gold, 10 for a Silver, 5 for a Bronze. I'd be flexible to changing this though.

    Anyone other than me and arm-spin think they'd be interested in doing something like this next year?
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