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Thread: 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships: Freestyle 66/74/120 KG Discussion

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    Default 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships: Freestyle 66/74/120 KG Discussion

    Brackets for the final day of wrestling are up and at the link above. Here's how things shook out with the draws.

    66 KG
    - Hasanov is in the top quarter basically all by himself (which may be just fine with the rest of the guys at the weight class given how he's been wrestling). The only other name I recognize there is Heinrich Barnes.

    - They certainly didn't do Metcalf any favors as he draws Tushishvili in his first match. Sushil Kumar is also in this quarter.

    - Just when I thought they couldn't come up with a first round match to top Fedoryshyn v. Velikov they went and did it here I think. Ramazan Shahin v. Andriy Stadnik in the first round here in this quarter. This is a rematch of the 66 KG Olympic Final. Just to make that match up even more fun, the winner is probably going to get Taghavi next. Garzon is here in this quarter as well.

    - Gogaev is here. He and Haislan Garcia are the only names that I really recognize.

    74 KG
    - Terziev is here in this top quarter without a lot going on there with him. He should move through pretty efficiently.

    - Tsargush is here with again not a lot going on here with him. He should cruise.

    - Fundora and Chamsulvarayev are here in this quarter. They'll see each other in the second round in all likelihood.

    - Paulson is down here in the bottom, he's got himself a tough draw as well with Shapiev in his first match. In the realm of what could have been, Matt Gentry is in this quarter as well. Could have been interesting to seem him and Paulson meet up. Goudarzi is here as well from Iran.

    120 KG
    - Weird drawing of the top bracket here. First four guys in which includes Makhov all get byes into the second round. Makhov cruises to the semi's

    - Masoumi is here. As is Mutalimov and Beriandze.

    - Probably the toughest quarter here. You've got Taymayzov making his return. Then you've got Isayev and Shemarov here. Taymayzov and Shemarov will probably see each other in Round 2.

    - Sigman is down here, and while I said it today and it didn't wind up working out too well I don't see how he gets a better draw than this one. He avoids all the heavy hitters in the weight class up until the semi's so if we're going to have someone shock some people tomorrow its probably going to be Les here.
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