Draws are out and I want to get this thread up early since I assume freestyle is going to be what generates the most interest.

60 KG
- Kudukhov is in the top quarter pretty much by himself. Should be a nice change for him given the brutal draws that he always seems to get.

- Mike Zadick is in the second quarter, he's got the Korean in the first round. Draw doesn't look that bad. I don't know much about the Korean but he's seemingly got two winnable matches. If he does he'll probably see the Iranian in the quarters.

- Most brutal first round match up at this bracket (and probably in the tournament so far) in the next quarter. Fedoryshyn v. Mansurov in the first round. Have to figure whoever wins there will be in the semi's.

- Solid last quarter with Huseynov, Guidea, and Prizreni

84 KG
- Tough top quarter here with Ktsoev, Bichinashvili, and Temrezov

- Not a lot going on the second quarter here though. I feel like I may have heard of Ganev the Bulgarian but that's about it here.

- Herbert is here in what is a pretty loaded third quarter. He'll wrestle Salas Perez from Cuba in the first round where if he wins he'll likely have a rematch of his World final against Sokhiev in the second round. Laliev is in this quarter as well.

- Aldatov should move through the bottom part of the bracket without a lot of trouble if he shows up to wrestle.

96 KG
- Balci and Kurbanov should move through the top part of the bracket here and see each other in the quarters.

- Gazyumov is in this quarter pretty much by himself. He looks like he's got a great draw into the semi's.

- Gatsalov and Gogshelidze are both here in this quarter. They'll have to wait until the quarters though to get their seemingly yearly match against each other instead of in rounds 1 or 2 like it seemingly has been over the last few years.

- Bergman is down here, he's got the wrestler from Tajikistan in the first round. He wins his first match he'd have the Iranian but it doesn't look like the same Iranian that Varner wrestled last year. Cuban and the Ukrainian are on the bottom part.

I've got to say, I like the draws for at least two of the US guys. I don't think Zadick or Bergman could have done much better than what they got. Herbert definitely has a tough road to hoe.