I haven't watched all the matches so I'm open to suggestions

Outstanding Wrestler: Lopez from Cuba. He just makes it look so easy, and his back suplex in the quarters was unreal. I also considered Ali-Akbari who beat two world champions.

Golden Pylon award (given to wrestler who does the least to win): Marinov at 84 kg, the tournament's only surprise winner. I've never seen anyone get his butt kicked so thoroughly and still win a match as in his quarterfinal vs Mishine. Also won at least 2 matches with 3rd period defence. Though, if I can ever summon up the courage to watch Vachadze's string of 1-0,2-0 matches I might change my mind.

Best non-winner: Amorayan at 55 kg. Man, that guy hits a lot of big throws. He also took Sourian down twice in the semis- unfortunately he used a double leg takedown.