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Thread: Arm-Spin's Greco Award

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    Yes they have. Since in Iranian view Israel doesn't exist (at least politically), also Israeli wrestlers doesn't exist, so a physical match against a virtual opponent is impossible.

    interesting for you :
    Coach Banna think that Russians manipulated the draw after the good performance of the Iranian team in first day

    I remember Russians manipulated the draw in Tehran 2002 World Champs, when Adam Saitiev and Romero had to face each other in the first round, they ordered Tajik wrestler (Shamil Aliev) to pull out from the weigh-in and that changed the draw ! I remember your friend Majid was very angry cuz he faced Romero in semifinal instead of the final

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    Yes I know that Russians often manipulate the draw. The 2010 worlds, especilly in FS was no exception.

    Let's return to the IRI-ISR wrestling question. Past 2 days, a discussion was oppened on the federation site and in many news sites. As far I can understand, the president of the federation even sent a letter to the supreme leader asking him to interprete the case. Can you give a summary of the discussons and the new trends, if any.

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    Well few minutes back I got the infomation: negative reaction by radicals; nothing will change.

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    That's just messed up.

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