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Thread: 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships: Women's 67/72 KG & Freestyle 55 KG Discussion

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    Well this was a great start for thr Russian Freestyle team after a dissapointing Greco-Roman performance. I was extremely hopeful for Lebedev going in. I thought he had it last year at '09 Worlds, but he barely missed it. It looks like Victor Lebedev has taken complete control of this weight class for Russia ever since Khudokov left for 60KG. He will be extremely fun to watch in the coming time, especially with 2012 in mind. I defintley expect great things to come from Lebedev. He is a very great wrestler!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akzent View Post
    Like in Soviet planned/command economy, in Soviet wrestling there was a regional division of production. Azeri wrestling schools were specialized on production of good lightweights in both FS nad GR. Examples are Vougar Oroudjov and Namik Abdullaev. The success of the Azeris in 55, 60 and 66 after the collapse of the USSR is so to say a Soviet heritage. Another consequence is the lack of good wrestlers in the other weight classes; that is why imports from Russia are needed. On the other hand Azerbaijan exports 55-66-kg wrestlers. At this worlds in GR: 55 kg Ragimov (UKR) who was several times European medalist and Arzimanov (TUR) who placed 3rd at 66.
    Azerbaijan also exported a wrestler to Estonia in GR

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