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Thread: 2010 Moscow World Wrestling Championships: Greco 60/84/120 KG Discussion

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    Well, this day was a pretty overall dissapointing day for Russia, with only 1 bronze medal today. Aleksei Mishin was our only medalist today and bronze medalist. Even though he has been very shaky and unpredictable since Beijing '08, He still shows signs of strength and of course poses a threat to the rest of the world in his weight class as long as he continue to work hard and get back to it. I too and still continue to have faith in him!

    The other two weight classes were a complete bust and utter dissapointment of course. I have heard about the 60KG Kuramagomedov before, but he certainly holds no credentials of that of Albiev. Albiev would have dominated and won this weight class with ease as he has since Beijing 08'. This guy was a dissapointment and he really wasn't ready at all to fill in for Albiev. I am just waiting for Islam-Beka Albiev to come back and dominate again. It will be great, grand, and beautiful!

    I think I may have lost faith in Khasan Baroev. He was doing all up until Beijin '08 when he just seemed to stop and give it a break after that. Even after that when he came back to the mat he still couldn't even really get things going in major tournaments. Not even at Russian Nationals 2010. I don't see how he lost to that Kazak wrestler (who was really a nobody) in the quarter-finals, but that was pretty embarrassing and he should have won that at least, and hopefully have given Lopez a good fight again for the top spot in the world again. It seems as if Russia has lost this weight class once and for all for at least a while now until Lopez fades or we find a great 120KG that can dominate like Lopez and beat him. All we can do now is just pray and hope!!

    All in all, a very dissapointing day for Russia with only one medal out the three weight classes that were wrestled out today. And that being Aleksei Mishin of course with bronze All the rest were not even close and were a dissapointment. We still have the overall team lead though, which is great! Now we have just one more weight class left!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grecowrestler13 View Post
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    Either way I am Iranian and i know who I support.

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    Mishine should have won the bracket. Pretty painful loss to the Bulgarian (who picks "top" in the third period?)

    Albiev would have won 66 as you say, I think. Aliyev was good but just barely won the finals.

    The Kazak may have been a "nobody" but he isn't anymore. After beating Baroev he gave Lopez his closest match of the tournament before absolutely embarassing his opponent in the bronze medal finals.

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    I still have to continue to agree with you here. Mishin should've won the bracket as he came in very well prepared and ready to win, but that loss to Marinov was painful to see as he should've clearly won thaty match and gone on to win gold, but all we can do I just look on to the future and see what happens next. Hopefully great things will come for and from Mishin for I still hold geat faith in him.

    Albiev of course needs no more discussion as he would've clearly won it. And I do agree that Aliyev is a good wrestler, but then again, Albiev would've just destroyed everybody and would have won gold.

    I did watch the Kazak wrestler again at 120KG. After clearly beating Baroev and giving Lopez his closest match of the tournament, then embarassing his opponnent for bronze, I do believe he isn't a "nobody' anymore and he should be someone to certainly watch in the future. Although I do blieve Baroev is fading and better do something quickly to get back in the game. After losing closely to a guy who gave Lopez his closest match of the tournament, Baroev needs to turn things around and get working again to start winning again.

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