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Thread: GR tournament in Poland

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    Default GR tournament in Poland

    The yesterday's results

    Golden come-back of Olympic champ Mansurov at 66 (after almost 3 years recovering from injury) and of world champ Abrahamian at 84 (who hasn't placed first at any event for the last 3 years).

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    i was wondering what happened to mansurov. the 04 olympics was his first major tournament medal (what a way to start) and then nothing.

    btw super showing by mark rial with a bronze at 66. that may be higher than places at most tournaments in the usa. great job for him.

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    Mansurov had serious problems with the vertebrae of the backbone. That is why he didn't wrestle after the 2004 games. His first appearance was in January 2007 at a tournament in France where he didn't place. To my knowledge, this week's tournament in Poland was his second one. In the final, he beat 8:3 Vardanyan of Ukraine (2nd at the 2003 worlds, 2004 euro champ).

    The Azeris dominated everybody in the light divisions and won 3 gold medals:
    55 kg ? Rovshan Bayramov ? 2007 euro champ, 2003 jr. world champ, 2006 military world champ.
    60 kg ? Vitaly Ragimov ? 2005 euro champ.
    66 kg ? Farid Mansurov ? 2004 olympic champ, 2nd at the 2002 worlds.
    At 74 kg an Azeri guy placed 3rd. The Azeris who are the European ?smallest? nation in height & weight usually don't have successful wrestlers in the weight classes above 66 kg in both GR and FS. That is why the import wrestlers to fill the 84, 96 and 120 divisions, sometimes also the 74 kg one.

    In his first match at 55, the 2007 euro champ Bayramov beat the 2006 euro champ Roman Amoyan of Armenia with a total score 12:1. He won his other 3 matches with scores like 10:0. In 4 matches, he won 45 points, and lost only one.

    Yes, great job for Mark Rial at 66. He placed 3rd and was the only one who lost to Mansurov by close margin - 1:1, 2:1.

    Adam Wheeler lost his 3rd place match 6:0, 1:1, 1:1 (Wheeler's points in bold).

    Full results -
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    akzent, thanks for the update. i couldn't figure out how to follow the scores for each match on the brackets. any help?

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    FILA has never elaborated a standard form to present the results. There are at least 5 different sheets and each organizer of a tournament uses optionally any of them. This one from the Polish tournament is often used. It is more detailed in comparison to other forms because it contains not only the match result, but also the periods' results.

    In this form, there are 3 rows in the small table of each wrestler in each match.
    1st row ? identification info: Nr. of the wrestler & nation; for the first match also the name.
    2nd row ? ranking and technical points in each period. There are 3 columns there ? for each period a column. And each column has 2 boxes ? see the difference between Green and Brown below.
    3rd row ? ranking points (1st box) and technical points (2nd box) for the whole match.

    As example ? the bronze medal match (with the heartbreaking results) of Wheeler vs. the guy of Finland

    Yellow ? identification Nrs. of the wrestlers ? Nr. 1, USA vs. Nr. 8, FIN.

    Red ? technical points in the whole match ? total score 8:2 USA.

    Blue ? ranking points from the match (0, 1, 3, 4 or 5; see the ranking system in the image below) ? ranking score 3:1 FIN.

    The ranking points and the total score have no meaning for a particular match. Their only function is to determine the final standing of the wrestlers who haven't wrestled any medal matches ? place 7 and lower.
    But when reading the brackets, the ranking points give us info about who won the match. You see that the score in technical points is 8:2 Wheeler, but the winner is the guy of Finland with a ranking score 3:1.

    Green (the second box in each of the 3 columns in the second row) ? technical points in each of the periods ? score 6:0, 1:1, 1:1.

    Brown (the first box in each of the 3 columns in the second row) ? ranking points in each of the periods ? score 4:0, 1:3, 1:3.
    In Wheeler's case (he and his opponent have equal technical points in both the 2nd and 3rd period), the 1:3 ranking score means that it was the guy of Finland who scored last and won the periods.

    Ranking points

    This is a daft ranking system. The FILA idiots give the highest ranking mark (5) both to any wrestler who pinned his opponent and to any wrestler who won a match without wrestling (because his opponent withdrew for medical or any other reasons).
    And when you read the brackets results and you see a 5:0 ranking score, in many cases it's not possible to understand what exactly happened in that particular match. If there is a 5:0 ranking score and 0:0 score in tech. points, it is obvious that there was no real match due to withdrawal before the match. But if there is a 5:0 ranking score AND a score in tech. points, there is no way to understand was it a victory by fall or was it a victory due to withdrawal or injury of the opponent during the match.

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    that about covers it. thanks.

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