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Thread: Reversal of fortune: Zadick tops Gallick

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    Default Reversal of fortune: Zadick tops Gallick

    Reversal of fortune: Zadick tops Gallick

    August 17, 2007
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    Mike Zadick was looking forward to a big steak dinner Thursday night, hours after securing a spot on the United States freestyle wrestling team for the World Championships for the second year in a row.

    "I get to have a little down time, eat a big steak and maybe get back to the gym," Zadick said in a telephone interview. "Start getting motivated again and ready to rip and roar."

    Zadick, Iowa's strength coach, won two straight matches against former Iowa State NCAA champion Nate Gallick in a special best-of-three wrestle-off Thursday for the 132-pound spot at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

    The series was delayed from the World team trials because of a foot injury sustained by Gallick in his National Open victory over Zadick in April. Because he is the reigning national champion, Gallick was able to get a delay in his best-of-three series.

    Zadick, a silver medalist in the 2006 World Championships and in the 2007 Pan American Games, joins Iowa volunteer assistant coach Doug Schwab on the freestyle team. Schwab will compete at 145.5 pounds.

    The world tournament is in Baku, Azerbaijan in September.

    A three-point move on a chest lock by Zadick in a clinch provided the winning points in a 1-0, 0-1, 3-0 final series. Zadick won the first series 0-1, 1-0, 4-2 to halt a string of three consecutive losses to Gallick.

    Zadick scored three points on a double-leg takedown move to win the opening round.

    In freestyle wrestling, if a match is scoreless at the end of a 2-minute period, a coin flip determines who starts the clinch in the offensive position.

    Zadick said he did not want to give up a point in the clinch by getting run off the mat.

    "When I'm getting run like he was running me, you've got to plant your feet and you've got to go," Zadick said.

    Several of the six periods Zadick and Gallick wrestled in the best-of-three series at the Olympic Training Center needed a clinch to determine a winner. Zadick said he had to set the pace in Thursday's matches.

    "If you ever watch Nate Gallick wrestle, he does not engage a whole heck of a lot," Zadick said. "He stands right there, he's got a real explosive shot. I knew it would be all in my favor to move him, make him react, make him wrestle my kind of match, not have him stand there and be comfortable."

    Gallick was unavailable for comment Thursday.

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    Default Zadick captures U.S. spot

    Friday, August 17, 2007

    Zadick captures U.S. spot

    By Andy Hamilton
    Iowa City Press-Citizen

    Mike Zadick clinched another opportunity Thursday to climb the final step to the top of the freestyle wrestling world.

    The former Iowa wrestler and current strength coach for the Hawkeyes swept Nate Gallick in the best-of-three series during a special wrestle-off at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

    Zadick's performance under pressure and in the leg-clinch position helped him beat the ex-Iowa State NCAA champion and secure the 132-pound spot on the U.S. freestyle team for next month's World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, where the 2006 World silver medalist will go for gold.

    "It's been a big deal for me just because I'm in a moment of my life right now where I've been in the sport since I was 5 years old, and now I'm at the dream part of it," Zadick, 29, said Thursday night. "The pinnacle has always been to become a World and Olympic champion. There's a lot of excitement in it right now, and I'm right there living it."

    Zadick survived excitement, tension and controversy Thursday afternoon to win 0-1, 1-0, 4-2 in the first match and 1-0, 0-1, 3-0 in the second. He rallied to win the first match by taking the second period with a leg-clinch takedown after the second scoreless two-minute period of the bout. Then he captured the most action-packed period of the day, scoring a three-point double-leg takedown in the closing seconds of a wild ending to win the decisive third period.

    Zadick claimed the second match by taking Gallick to the mat in the leg-clinch to win the first period and countering Gallick for a three-point throw from the leg clinch in the third period. Gallick was originally awarded three points for initiating the move, but match officials watched a video replay and wiped off those points and gave Zadick three points, determining he initiated the counter action.

    "I knew I planted and I launched him," Zadick said. "I knew I threw him for three. I wasn't quite sure if I was in (bounds) or not, I didn't know. But I knew I stopped him completely, took him off the mat and it was completely my throw."

    Gallick momentarily hung around on the mat afterward, maybe hoping for a different ruling -- perhaps a fitting ending to what had already been a lengthy ordeal to determine the 132-pound spot on the U.S. team.

    Six of the seven spots on the freestyle squad were determined in June at the World Team Trials in Las Vegas. But Gallick suffered a foot injury and used his right as the reigning U.S. National champion to request a special extension to the best-of-three final series.

    "As a coach, sometimes you're proud of your athletes, and this is one time when I'm pretty proud of Mike Zadick," Iowa coach Tom Brands said. "He was real focused. He went through a lot. He won the trials; Gallick delayed it. They tried to dictate everything. (Gallick and his coaches) tried to put (former Cyclone Zach Roberson) on the Pan Am (Games) team and wrestle-off during the Pan Am Games. Really, it was Mike's spot and we got that ironed out. Then he goes to the Pan Am Games, gets the silver there and doesn't get what he wants.

    "Then you look at controversy again where Gallick's trying to delay (the best-of-three series) again. Mike held together real well. It was just basically (the mindset of) whenever we meet, I'm going to do the job. As close as it was -- it's easy to say that now -- but really, looking back on it you've got to be proud of him a little bit. It's a tribute to Mike Zadick and how he kept it together."

    Gallick entered the series owning a three-match winning streak against Zadick. But he couldn't put Zadick away in the first match after winning the first period and then scoring a takedown early in the third.

    With the freestyle rules awarding periods that end in a tie to the wrestler who scores last, Zadick momentarily held an advantage when he evened the score on a push out with less than 30 seconds remaining. But Gallick was awarded a controversial point to go ahead 2-1 at the start of a wild flurry during the final 10 seconds.

    Zadick responded by blasting through Gallick for the match-clinching double-leg.

    "It was kind of one of those things where you had to find a way, and there was short time left and they weren't going to stop it with eight seconds left to review," Zadick said. "It was just a big flurry all at once, and I saw the one go up (for Gallick and heard) the crowd scream, and I got in on a good double, picked him up and got three on it. ... It was all just thrown out there, and I put myself in a position where I needed to be and got the score."

    Zadick took an early advantage in the second match, scoring quickly from the leg-clinch to win the first period 1-0. But Gallick evened the match by scoring on a push out just before the second period expired to win the period 1-0. Yet another scoreless period set Zadick up for another turn at the leg clinch and another big finish.

    "I never want to see it go to the clinch, but a lot of people wrestle for that particular strategy, and I've happened to fall into some guys like Gallick," Zadick said. "He doesn't like to engage a whole lot, he's got a good, explosive shot, he likes to score hard early and hang, and I think he's a pretty comfortable guy going down to the clinch. I'm comfortable there, but I don't want to see it going there. But if it happens to, that's where you have to find a way to win -- offensively or defensively."

    Zadick's victory gives the U.S. freestyle team an Iowa flavor. He joins former Hawkeyes Doug Schwab (145.5 pounds) and Joe Williams (185) to fill three of the seven spots on the squad. Zadick and Schwab still base their training in Iowa City.

    "You're starting to develop a little bit of team here," Brands said. "Schwab was there, and he was pretty animated. He was cheering hard for him, and he actually gave me some coaching feedback after the first match, and that's very unselfish. You've got a little bit of a team mentality developing there.

    "It's important to me that our guys aspire internationally. Then the other thing is, we had 15 guys out there watching. They were following their leader, they were following Mike Zadick, who they're very fond of."

    Reach Andy Hamilton at 339-7368 or

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    Default Re: Reversal of fortune: Zadick tops Gallick

    Nice victory for Zadick.

    Disappointing to hear Brands talk trash about Gallick--especially since no one else has questioned his effort. At least Gallick showed up to wrestle shortly after being hospitalized. At least he didn't have any problems with a showerhead.

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    Default Re: Reversal of fortune: Zadick tops Gallick

    What is a chest lock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matclone View Post
    Nice victory for Zadick.

    Disappointing to hear Brands talk trash about Gallick--especially since no one else has questioned his effort. At least Gallick showed up to wrestle shortly after being hospitalized. At least he didn't have any problems with a showerhead.
    I agree completely. It was a very nice win for Zadick, but then Brands had to speak and ruin the moment.

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