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Thread: 2010 Golden Grand Prix Final - Videos & Results - Baku

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    Quote Originally Posted by immortal View Post
    None of the Lider TV feeds seem to be working right now.

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    Escobedo and Blanc both win their first round matches and then face each other in the second round. Escobedo wins, but loses to the eventual runner up in the next match. As I look back at the bottom of the brackets, it looks like Esco won a couple wrestlebacks, but I can't tell what place he finished because it's a weird format.

    Bunch beats Mansurav and ends up losing in the finals to Fedoryshyn (not that I know who that is).

    Metcalf wins all his matches but one, and that was a 6-0, 5-0 trouncing to the eventual champ named Hasanov. I assume that guy must be pretty decent.

    Paulson takes second place. Howe kept it close against Chamsulvarayev, but still lost and didn't get another match.

    Herbert takes 2nd in a 1-1, 1-0 match. Gavin goes 1-1.

    Bergman goes 1-2.

    Dlagnev and Sigman both lose to the eventual champ. Dlagnev takes 2nd, Sigman doesn't place.
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    Fedoryshyn is another guy who is a multiple time World Medalist. I actually think he was the guy who beat Zadick in the first round at the Olympics in 08, and then he'd go on to win the Silver losing in the finals to Mavlet Batirov.

    Great wrestling by Bunch, Metcalf, and Herbert. Nice 3 period win for Herbert over Tigiev

    Edit: Just saw that Paulson took 2nd at 74 and was actually putting points on the board in a few of his matches so that's very encouraging and that Tervel took 2nd at heavyweight. Both Tervel and Sigman losing to the eventual champion.
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    Looking through the brackets I see that Escobedo also had a huge win to take bronze over Velikov. Gavin beat Hossein Zadeh in his first match.

    Just great overall wrestling by all of our guys here. Seems like we did much better here than we did last year.

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    Looking at the results, excellent effort by team USA. Paulson beat WC Farniev, Bunch beat WC Mansurov, Esco beats WC Velikov, Herbert beats 2x medallist Tigiev (former, not current world champs). IMO Bunch was the only wrestler who was a big underdog in the finals, so not sure what happened there.

    How good is the Russian who beat Paulson, anyone know?

    Hasaynov is a medallist at the European championships I think, maybe a jr. world champ as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Paulson beat WC Farniev
    I didn't even see that.

    Was 1-0/1-0 so not a lot of action involved in all likelihood but still a great win for Travis.

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    I am waiting for tomorrows GR matches, especially the 96 kg's since there's Nozadze, Khusthov and Egypt's Abdelfatah. I really hope that FILA put's this tournament into the web-tv.

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    Angel outplaced Obe.
    Tervel outplaced Sigman.
    Bunch beat the WC.

    We are starting to see some nice depth for team US and A. Though it's a bit disconcerting when the ''backups" outplace the WT reps, but oh well.
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