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    Anyone Have Any Videos Of Eldari From Georgia In The Word Championships? I Saw One Video Of Him Vs. Gatsalov In The World Cup, But Can't Find Anymore. Just His Arm Throw In The Finals. 03

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    Please Bump!

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    2006 worlds
    match # 212 v. Papadopulos of Greece
    match # 225 v. Tolly Thompson

    I don't know of any other Kurtanidze videos on the net.

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    Thanks Guys, Did'nt Know He Went Up To Hwt. Still Does The Arm Throw 3x A Match. YOU GUYS KNOW TALL HE IS?

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    He is 5'8 in a pair of socks.

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    Is he really even that tall? I'd heard he was shorter.
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    What About The 03 Worlds?

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    I think he was about the same height then too.

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