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Thread: 2010 Russian Nationals - Freestyle & Greco-Roman Results, Videos, & Discussion

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    Default 2010 Russian Nationals - Freestyle & Greco-Roman Results, Videos, & Discussion

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    Greco matches are uploaded to this website.

    Albiev (or at least AN Albiev) is wrestlng at 66 kg.
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    Default Re: Russian Nationals

    I just added the playlist to the thread and will update it occasionally throughout the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arm-spin View Post
    Albiev (or at least AN Albiev) is wrestlng at 66 kg.
    It's him, the olympic champ. This was his 2nd competition at 66. Two weeks earlier, he won the Geman Grand Prix at 66.

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    Do you know if he won the nationals? It was pretty close in that match I watched- he got turned on the ground and taken down, but still pulled it out.

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    He won the nationals and he said he would definitely stay at 66 kg. Earlier he had said showing up at 66 would be just an "experiment".
    Well he had some problems with the new weight. He had them also at the German tourney where he lost some periods of the matches but eventually won the tourney.

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    i need the details of russian gr championship result.can u help me?
    i need the result of every match and bulten of this tounament in pdf like as years ago

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    He may be less dominant, but Albiev certainly looks big enough for 66, he really packed on the muscle. It would be pretty cool if he wins the worlds.

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    Forget 66, enjoy hwt
    I had fun when watching Alexander Anuchin (2009 worlds participant) vs an unknown former wrestler who was said to have come to Moscow doing any business there and to have heard by chance about the nationals. Instead of atteding the competition as spactator, he entered it as competitor.
    in the 2nd video-frame on this page, at 49:40, 2nd period at 52:15. Anuchin in blue.

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    Akzent, I just started looking at that link, it is amazing! (Shows a whole bunch of wrestling from the greco nationals, for non-azkent people.) Any way you can tell me if the finals are on that link and when they start?

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