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Thread: 2010 Russian Nationals - Freestyle & Greco-Roman Results, Videos, & Discussion

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    I watched only the 2nd day matches - 84, 96, 120 - the first 4 videos on the page.
    Chronologically bottom-top; so the first matches are in the 4th video. Central mat - 96 kg; on your right - 120 kg.
    The medal matches begin in the 2nd (from the top) video at 1:31:50 - 84 kg for the 3rd place Karezhev (red) v Khugaev. 10 min later - the final on the central mat.
    Cont. in the first video with a bronze medal match at 96 and the final following.
    After a big break, at 35:40 - a hwt 3rd place match; at the end - Hasan Baroev's final.

    At 84 and 96, the top wrestlers - Mishin and Khushtov - didnt participate.

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    Albiev final- how in hell did he win that first period? Leg foul? Seemed like a clear-cut victory for red.

    Also, one of the big guy matches (I think the 96 kg final) two protests throws, 2 questionable exposure points given after protests to win!
    I hope Khustov stiill wrestles at worlds. He would beat up on the guys on these videos.

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    Lebedev wins 55, Kudhukov wins 60

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    No real surprise there. Was Otarsultanov entered at either weight?

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    otarsultanov was 3rd at 55 i think

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    Up to 60 kg.

    Besik Kudukhov (Krasnodar - North Ossetia-Alania) 2. Opan Sat (Krasnoyarsk-Tuva)
    Victor Banzaraktsaev (Buryatia) and Rasul Murtazaliev (Dagestan)

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    55 Lebedev v Otarsultanov 1:1 (each on push-out), 1:0 (clinch). This was in the quarters or even earlier.
    Nariman Israpilov had lost in 2 periods to a new-comer who lost in the semis, so Israpilov was out.

    60 final Kuduhov v 2010 european champ Opan Sat 1:0 (clinch), pin in the 2nd period.

    66 - Mavlet Batirov expected in this weight class
    74 - Tsargush and veteran Irbek Farniev facing each other in the 1st round.

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    What an upset!
    Mavlet Batirov lost
    in weight 66 kg Twice Olympic champion lost to Magomedgadzhi Abakarova (1:2) (in first round)

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    Except for Tsragush, all high ranked wrestlers lost. 66 Mavlet & Adam Batyrov, Mulid Lampezhev... 74 Farniev, Mahach Murtazaliev, Geduev...

    3 new stars in the finals
    66 Alan Gogaev (Ossetia) v Azmat Bulatov (Dagestan)
    74 Denis Tsargush v Alan Valiev (Osetia)
    Farniev and Geduev who lost to Tsargush and Valiev respectively, will wrestle for the 3rd places.
    Batirovs, Murtazaliev... lost to opponets who later lost.
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