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Thread: Travis Paulson's Run to the World Team

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    Default Travis Paulson's Run to the World Team

    Knocks off former Olympian Askren
    Knocks off brother Trent
    Knocks off Howe in consecutive matches avenging the loss from Nationals

    Not quite sure how he does in Moscow with his style but its a heck of a run by him to get himself on the team.

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    Default Re: Travis Paulson's Run to the World Team

    That's pretty awesome. The Paulson's take a lot of crap on these boards for there style (from me, as well) but they seem like really good guys. Clearly, Travis has found a style (and a huge amount of work in the weight room) that leads to sucesss for him. Against Howe he had that "score when you need to" mentality that the great but boring wrestlers often have.

    As a WC prediction... I've seen Trent wrestle more than Travis, but he tends to get out-slicked by the best-of-the-best. I imagine that Travis would have the same problem, but I wish him look.

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