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    Default WTT Wildcards announced

    No Caldwell. Must still be injured because they didn't use all of their wildcards.
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    They have the opportunity to add as many as five more wild cards, and the article does mention at the end that there are some who have applications still pending.

    So far they have...

    55 KG: Mark McKnight
    66 KG: Brent Metcalf
    66 KG: Corey Jantzen
    84 KG: Max Askren
    84 KG: Kirk Smith

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    Glad to see McKnight get in... I saw him wrestle at the Guelph open once and he was the most agressive wrestler I'd ever seen, he was basically throwing his opponents (or trying to) for the entire match. Lost an barnburner to Japerdize, then took third. I don't know if he always wrestles like that but it was something to watch.

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