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Discuss Moves from the clinch? at the Freestyle & Greco-Roman Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I dont know jack from there,what are some things you can do from both the ...
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    I dont know jack from there,what are some things you can do from both the top and bottom position in the clinch? I have freestyle state this saturday and it came up on me faaast and we didnt get to learn much for the clinch,yet,i just wanna be prepared...also,what can i do from bottom to get out the easiest and most effective/not get turned?
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    First, make sure you understand the clinch correctly. There is no "top" or "bottom"; one person starts with a leg in a single or high-crotch and has 30 seconds to score. The other "defensive" person either needs to keep them from scoring or score himself.

    If on offense- pick your best single/high crotch finish and hit it hard. Doubling up is probably best. Remember to stay in good position.

    If on defense- use your single leg or high crotch defense. Refuse to give up the TD. If you can hit a chest lock or crotch lift for exposure, go for it.

    Weather on offense or defense, know what you are going to do before the whistle and then do it with authority. If you are tentative you will probably lose the position.

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    there is only top/bottom clinch in greco

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