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    Wrestlo-geographic discoveries I made

    Quite a lot Dagestani wrestlers and coaches are born in the villages of Tsumada – this is a district in the western part of Dagestan where the borders of Dagestan, Chechnya and Georgia meet. I marked it with black on the map. The population of the district is 21.600.


    There are no roads there. Only a few tracks. A main track in the valley (see the pic and the map below) connects the administrative center of district with the neighboring one in the north. Only from there one can reach the eastern, urban parts of the country.

    more pics:
    bridges ,

    The mountain neighbor villages are connected by paths

    Cargo services between and in the villages – only by donkey

    (building steps)

    Tsumada district

    Altitude in meters!

    Well-known wrestlers born there are Mahach Murtazaliev, Sajid Sajidov and Gitinov bros.
    On the map I marked red their villages.
    In the west: Kedi (altitude 1900 m, population 500) – Murtazaliev.
    In the north: Gigatli (1750 m, population 1900) – Sajidov.
    In the east: Tlondoda (1800 m, population 470) – Gitinovs.

    Sajidov and Murtazaliev in one of the villages (not identified)

    Praying for them in a mosque before the 2004 Olympics
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