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Thread: for freestyle what take downs?

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    Men for freestyle what take downs?

    i really dont know what takedown and throws i should get down for freestyle ive been working on my lat drops armspins and 2 on 1 takedowns for a few weeks and they have been improving could you plaese giveme some advice on what else i should practice
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    i like to just shoot lol i use whatever take down works on my opponent even you dont get the takedown you can still drive them off the mat for 1.
    (i throw headlocks to especially after i shoot get em to sprawl alot and then catch them off guard) it works lol

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    I agree with davidayers if you shoot singles (head inside and outside) and doubles if you can't finish you can drive them off the mat.

    I personally am not a big fan of the lat drop, maybe for training but I wouldn't use it.

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    Just like any other throw, the lateral drop works great if you hit it when it's there. If you try to force it, you'll pin yourself.

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    Normally, I like any kind of shot (low single, high crotch, single, double), duck unders, trips/foot sweeps, and I've really been falling in love with 2 on 1 offense and the shrug by.
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    I've recently become a big fan of foot sweeps, shots with a hook in, and the sweep single. Duck under's for me always goes without saying

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