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    on the same youtube channel, more videos have been uploaded.

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    Full brackets and results...

    You don't need to understand russian, just click on the links under the pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akharo View Post
    1. Denis Tsargush (Russia)
    2. Aleksandr Gostiev (Russia-Ossetia)
    3. Anuar Geduev (Russia)
    3. Kamal Malikov (Russia-Dagestan)
    The 3rd placed guys met today in the finals of Yasar Dogu tourney in Turkey.
    Geduev in red. (In the semis, he beat Chamsulvaraev.)
    Nothing in the 1st period; quite an action in the 2nd.

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    Saitiev brothers didn't start in competition ?

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